ConChord 1 (Filkcon 5.1)

March 11 -13, 1983
Griswold's Inn
Fullerton, California

GOH Bob & Ann Passovoy
Chair: Eric Gerds
At least 124 Attending Members
Memberships $15 till 1/15/83
$18 Thereafter
$20 At The Door
Supporting $6
T-Shirts $8

Paul Willett wrote a Diary of what he did at the con and published it in Philk-Fee-Nom-EE-Nom #18. You can read a pdf of it here.

The committee included Eric Gerds, Carolyn Clemans, Chris Weber, Karen Wilson, Tera Mitchel, Paul and Janet Willett.

The first major promotional mailing was done on October 25th of 1982. Was mailed to about five hundred filkers on lists compiled from various filk organizations and Eric's DAG sales list. T-shirts were made available several months before the con and sold for eight dollars. The con committe had a table at Loscon 9 and sold memberhships, T-Shirts, and filk books. Enough memberships sold at Loscon to cover the cost the the fuction space at the hotel. (Thus making both the hotel and con com happy.) The room rate was forty dollars with six dollar charge for a roll-aways. Progress Report One was mailed to all members in February.

At the door memberships did not include the banquet. One day memberships were eight dollars for Friday, Ten dollars for Saturday, and eight dollars for Sunday.

There were two small fuction rooms used for the dealers. One room was for Off-Centaur and the other was for DAG and Tobbie Crowe. The main fuction room was occupied by Avon ladies, who over stayed thier time. The committee had to get the hotel to chase them out.

At 5pm or so registration and the dealers room opens.
At 5:30 pm or so is the Tu-Ning Party.
At 6pm or so the West Coast Version of a Mid-West Style Filksing begins.

After a longer than planned set up of tape recorders, filkbooks, and such, the West Coast Version or a Mid-West Style Filkcircle begins. The circle grows as the night wares on, upwards to 70 people or so. It does not start to thin till about one in the morning.

Songs Sung and Recored by Me

The con opens for the day at ten in the morning. Few are up that early. The Xerox Party was supposed to be at eleven but there is no copier. (Due to the cost of renting a copier). Instead there is a run to a local copy shop. More people arruve some converting to full memeberships and others buying Saturday only ones. Filkbooks and cassette tapes are flying off the dealers tables, and through the afternoon are the various panels. First was the Copyright panel, followed by the GOH panel. Then the Pagan Influences on Filk Panel, the a Workshop in Writing Filk panel, and the Parody Panel.

Saturday Night Concert
Set List

MC was Tom Digby
Tom reads his poetry between the acts.

Paul Willett
Alison Dayne Frankel (One Song)
Cathy Cook
Ann Pranther
Lynn Barker and DC Fontana
Karen Willson
Derek Foster (Baldwin of Erebor)
Harold Groot
LA Filkharmonics
Ann and Bob Passovoy
Jordin Kare
Julia Ecklar
Cindy McQuillin
Leslie Fish

The concert started late and ran long. Several performers cut a song or two from their set. Chris Weber and Gary Anderson, who were supposed to be the last two acts, opt out because the banquet is schedued for 11pm, and Leslie's set ended at 10:55pm.

The banquet was cold cuts and salads with plenty for everybody. Afterwards there was a birthday party for all the filkers who were known to be born in March, with others added as their birthdates in March became known. After some speeches, there was the raffle for Tully and some other items.

After the banquet was a bardic circle in the main room. It moves slowly at first, then picks up speed. Since there are so many people in the room it takes several hours to get around the circle. It goes to almost sunrise.

Songs Performed and Recorded by Me

Sunday The day starts with a Real Old Time Religion Circle. It goes for 2 hours. It is followed by a Running and Recovering From A Filksing panel. After the panels, people form a bardic circle and sing till the hotel throws 'em out.

The official recordings were done by DAG. One cassette released. (A CD of the tape was released by DAG on the 20th anniversary of Con-Chord.) There was a program book and a song book for this con. The songbook was From the Cockpit, published by Philk Press. (Paul Willett)

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