ConChord 1 Concert Performance Song List

Paul Willett
Let That Cold World Hold Her Gently
Revenge Necrophiliac, Lovesick, Africian, Claw-Toed Frog
Two Children

Tom Digby Draining the Last Canal

Alison Dayne
?(Buzz the Rider Guest)

Tom Digby Prelude

Cathy Cook
The Incest Song
The Land
Jargoon Pard
?(Parody of I Dream of Unicorns (Nasty Characters))

Tom Digby Take Us To Your Poets

Anne Prather
Story Teller
Alarm Chorus
Question Song
Song of Petiron
Firelizard Song
Cleindori's Lament
Lament for Keeper Ardais

Tom Digby It So Seldom Rains on the Moon

Lynn Barker & Dorothy Fontana
Indy is the Man
The Thing
Ballad of Roy Batty
UFO Ditty
The Mates Who Haul the Freight
Stormtrooper Boogie
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Galactic Breakdown

Tom Digby No poem due to time.

Karen Willson
Father Dreamer

Baldwin of Erebor, (Derek Foster)
Oh Pretty Maid
Talking Grand Melee Blues
Young Cathan
Burden of the Crown

Harold Groot
Wasn't That A Filksing?
We Didn't Need The Stars
Mercury, Our First Steps
In Our Fathers' Footsteps

Tom Digby Opening Other Eyes

The LA Filkharmonics
SF Fan Blues
Uncle Ben's Convertied Rise
Elliott's Song
?(In My Ship I Ponder)
?(Morgoth's Dark Fortress)
Blast Away
The Last of Grand Moff Tarkin's Crew

Anne & Bob Passovoy
The Richter Scale
Starship Unity
?(Juanita Coulson & the river boat song)
The Bantam Cock
There She Goes
Have Some Madiera M'Dear
Mary O'Meara

Jordin Kare
Dissertaion Blues
The Press
Fire in the Sky

Tom Digby R? X??

Julia Ecklar
When I Fly
Rest Stop
Daddy's Little Girl

Cindy McQuillin
Son of Green Passions Meets Gilda the Dragon
Bridle Lament
?(The Morgan)

Leslie Fish
?(Funeral March)
Weapon Shop of Isher
No High Ground

Gary Anderson and Chris Weber elected not to do their concert slot due to the banquet starting at 11pm.

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