ConChord 12

Van Nuys Airtel Plaza Hotel
March 7-9, 1997
Guest of Honor: Graham Leathers
Folk Music Guest: Heather Alexander
Interfilk Guests:Lloyd Landa & Karen Linsley
Toastmaster: Larry Warner
Memberships were $25 then $30 till February 28
At the door rate was $35. Daily rates were available

The Con Committe

Chair: Nick Smith
Publicity & Programming: Rod O'Riley
Sopngbook Editor: Lee Gold
Contests: Dean Thomas
Kazoo Awards: Rick Weiss
Kid's Programming: Tess Calhoun
Concert Stage Manager: Kate Evans
Sound Wrangler: Kristoph Klover
Dealer's Room: John & Mary Creasey
Con Suite: Kaya Lee


Registration, Dealer's, and open filk all start at 3:00pm.

The Premiere Part & Reception start at 7:00pm. The Con Suite opens after the party.

Karaoke Filk is at 10pm followed by The Bawdy Filk circle. Open filking in the other rooms.


Registration and Dealer's open at 10:00am

At 11:00am there is a Music Composition Workshop hosted by Lloyd Landa & Karen Linsley.

At noon is a Guitar Workshop hosted by Graham Leathers.

2:00 pm The Totally Tacky, Tastless Revue hosted by Dasil St. John Volsmirth VII

4:00pm The Saturday afternoon concerts begin.

8:00pm The Saturday evening concerts begin.


10:00am The usual things start.

At Noon Graham Leathers deos excerpts from one of his 1-Man Spoken-Word Shows.

The afternoon events included the Sunday concert series, One Shots, Kazoo Awards, and the results of the Instafilk contest and Caption Contest. Things ended with a dead dog or cat circle.

Popular Unscheduled Event

Friday eveing Shannon McGuire swapped her con badge with another (And of course, everyone else joined in.) At one point in the con a group of us went over to a burger joint called Beeps. I happend to be wearing the badge of Alex Borders at the time. When I went to order the lady at the register said that I must be the real Alex Borders becuase this was the forth time she had seen that badge. I told her I was not the real Alex Borders, but he was part of our party. Later the Alex Borders badge ended up on Vickie Shapero's Teddy Bear. Larry Niven would sign any badge that came his way. I some how came home with my own badge.

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