ConChord 10

September 30 - October 2, 1994
Burbank Hilton
Burbank, California

GOH: Joe "The Synthetic Filker" Ellis
Special Guest: Moira Breen
Interfilk Guest: Urban Tapestry
Toastess: Dr. Jane Robinson
Chair: Nick Smith, Rick & Deborah Weiss
Memberships: $29 through 7 March 1994, $35 till 9/6/1994 $39 thereafter.
Kids ages 2-12 1/2 price

There were also one day memberships available.


Registration and Dealer's Room open at around 3:00pm.

At 7:00pm Joe Ellis hosted a circle for 30 minutes and in another room The Premiere Party took place.

Albums included the following...

At 8:30 pm was a Golden Oldies event, followed by a Filk Fest, A Slide Show, Bawdy Songs, and then a Poker Chip Bardic Circle. At 10:00 pm in a different room was a Request Only Chaos Circle.


Registration opens at 10:30, all other things start at 11:00am. The two program items at 11:00 is the Children's Hour-and-a-half event hosted by Urban Tapestry and a Music Theory Workshop hosted by Joe Ellis.

The Totally Tasteless & Tacky Revue starts at 12:30 pm while other room is for open filking.

At 2:00pm there is a Science & Filking panel, A Performance Workshop, and the Kazoo Award Song Fest.

The Totally Tasteless and Tacky Revue

The afternoon concerts start at 3:30pm. Performers were:

For the most part the conventin closed down from 6-7:30 pm for dinner. Registration opened from 7-8:30 for those arriving for the evening.

The Evening Concerts start at 8:00pm. Performers were:

At Midnight were several hosted and themed circles. The three rooms were Bardic, Coinsensus, and Chaos when open singing officially began at 1:30 am.


The con opens at 11:30am. At noon was the Kazoo Awards.

At 1:00 pm there is a Woman's Music circle, and the Oneshots.

At 2:00 pm is the last concert series.

The last programming item is the Dead Cat circle.

From the Windbourne History Timeline

OCTOBER 1: We attend ConChord 10 and did a concert set starting at 3:30. This day's lineup was: Mercury, Our First Steps, Hear Them Roar, John O'Dreams, Night Magic, Roseville Fair, Don't Push That Button, and Bashana Habba-ah. We stayed a while at this con then came home that evening.

We did use the mini sound system at this convention.

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