ConChord 16

Van Nuys Airtel Plaza Hotel
August 2-4, 2002
Guests of Honor: Urban Tapestry
Interfilk Guest:Ewin "Filthy Pierre" Strauss
Toastmistress: Nancy Louise Freeman
Special Guests: Throwing Toasters

Con Committee

Chair: Nick Smith
Other ConCom Members: John & Mary Creasey, Lee & Barry Gold
Website: Heather Stern
Song Book Editor: Lee Gold
Sound Egineering: Gerry Tyra

This convention had a Lyrics Lounge and a kids room.


7:00pm Reception and Release Party in the Mulholland Room. (Nancy Freeman CD)

8-10pm Hour 25 sets up and records an episode about filking. (Earhart Room)

10:00pm Memorial Circle in the Lindbergh Room.

Midnight in the Lindberth Room is a Bawdy Song Circle


11:00am Dealer's Room, Kid's Room, Con Suite open. Songwriting Workshop hosted by Urban Tapestry in the Lindbergh Room.

1:00pm Thriwung Toasters Concert

2:00pm The Totally Tacky, Tastless Revue.

3:00pm One Shots.

4:00pm Afternoon Concerts

Evening Concerts with Interfilk Auction


11:00am The usual rooms and things open.

12:00pm Windbourne Circle in the Lindbergh Room

1:00pm One Shots followed by the Sunday Concerts

The Kazoo Awards follow the concerts.

The rest of the afternoon is open filking and dead dog.

From the Windbourne History Timeline

August 2-4: Windbourne attends ConChord. We do not have a concert slot, but do host a circle late Sunday Morning. We also have Khamber, Ashly and Merna With us. Barney from time to time helps Gerry with the sound.

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