ConChord 17

Warner Center Marriott
August 1-3, 2003
Guests of Honor: Four Shillings Short
Interfilk Guests:Melissa & Daniel Glasser
Toastmaster: Karen Anderson

Con Committee

Chair: Nick Smith
Other ConCom Members: John & Mary Creasey, Lee & Barry Gold
Website Editing: Barry Gold Website Hosting: Heather Stern
Song Book Editor: Lee Gold
Sound Egineering: Barney Evans & Greg Gross
Con Suite: Kate Evans


There is a poolside reception and New CD party in the evening.


The Tottaly Tastless & Tacky Revue which included the following acts.

The One Shots followed the TTTR.

Star Trek Song Concert - Filmed by Trekkies II.

Eveing Concert Series


The Kazoo Awards

Sunday afternoon included the Two Shots.

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