ConChord 7

September 27-29, 1991
Holiday Inn - LAX
Los Angeles, California

GOH: Michael Longcor
Toastmaster: Juanita Coulson
Chair: Eric Gerds
Memberships $20 Through 7/10/1991
$25 till 9/14/1991 $30 at the door
Supporting $8

There were one day memberships available. $10 for Friday or Sunday, $15 for Saturday and $8 for the Saturday night concert.


7:00pm New album release party. Cindy McQuillin & Jordon Kare.

8:00pm Mac Summer. Ancient Sumerian stories retranslated for a Macintosh and UN*X enviromment. Bob Kanefsky.

10:00pm Bawdy Songs hosted by Mara Brener.


9:00am What is Filk, or Filking History 101.

10:00am Meet Our GOH. Michael Longcor interviewed by Juanita Coulson.

11:00am Guitar Workshop.

1:00pm The Totally Tacky & Tastless Revue, Set List followed by the Kazoo Awards.

3:00 pm Performer's Workshop hosted by Sandra Kliensmit.

4:00pm All Star Concert Part One

8:00pm All Star Concert Part Two

The Saturday Concerts include,
but not limited to, the following performers

11:00pm Open Filking till dawn.


10:00am Songs for Children of All Ages.

11:00am Rhyme and Scansion hosted by Lee Gold.

12:00pm The S.C.A. Fold and Filk. Michael Longcor and others.

1:00pm One Shot Concert.

2:00pm All Star Concert Part Three

2:00pm ConChords Past, Present, and Future.

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