ConChord 9

October 8-10, 1993
Burbank Hilton
Burbank, California

GOH: Decadent Dave Clement
Special Folk Guest: Molly Bennett
Interfilk Guest: Steve MacDonald
Mistress of Ceremonies: Heather Rose Jones
Chair: Nick Smith, Rick & Deborah Weiss
Memberships: $30 till 9/7/1993 $35 thereafter.
Kids ages 2-12 1/2 price

There were also one day memberships available.

The convention songbook was Con Chords and Choruses. Edited by Lee Gold and printed by Berry Gold.


The Dealers room was open from 3:00 to 7:00 PM

There was a new filk album premiere party from 7:00 to 9:30pm.

There were other rooms open duing the night for filking. Some had theme circles scheduled. They included Golden Hits of Filk, Karaoke Filk, and later in the night, Bawdy Songs.


There were many workshops and panels throught out the day in the Hollywood, Glendale and Celebration Rooms.

Meanwhile, in the Main Concert Room (Festival/Jubilee Rooms)...

Starting at 12:30 was the Totally Tasteless & Tacky Revue.

Next came the Interfilk Auction

At 2:00pm was a Lab Session - Mike Setup.

Saturday Afternoon Concert Series.

After the concert was a Performers' Lab hosted by Jane Robinson and Kathy Mar.

The room was closed for the dinner break, then at 8:00pm, was the The Eveing Concert Series.


There was also a small collection of workshops and panels on schedule for today.

And in the Main Concert Room...

From 11:00am to Noon, Decadent Dave Clement Does Stan Rogers. Set List

At Noon was the Kazoo Awards. Presented by John and Mary Creasey.

This was followed by a Insta-Filk Contest hosted by Dean Thomas, and the One Shots. Set List

The last event for the con, other than the Dead Dog, was the Sunday Afternoon Concert.

There was a collection taken up before and during this convention to give to Dave Clememt for a new guitar. His was stolen from a car at ConFrancisco.

From the Windbourne History Time Line

OCTOBER 8: Rilla and Karen drive to LA to pick up the run of Echoes on the Wind. Then they head over to the Burbank Airport Hilton to attend Con-Chord 9.

OCTOBER 9: Barney, Kate, Kathy, and Harold load up Harold's Suburban for our trip to the convention. We arrive at the hotel, unload, then watch the last part of the tasteless revue.

Our concert slot is at 3:30. We perform: Crimson & Crystal, Silly Slang Song, Miracle Worker, John of Dreams, Baby Vampire Boogie, and Ladyhawke. We used the mini sound system. After the concert, a filker named Peter Lindley, came up and said that he enjoyed the concert, but we needed a bass player. We decided to have him try out that evening.

During the next few acts Karen and Kathy meet another filker named Dave Fawcett.

That evening we had a jam session with Dave Clement, Peter Lindley, and Dave Fawcett. The jam session was also a small tryout for Dave F. and Peter L. Then we opened it up for regular Filking.

Harold and Kathy headed home with a lot of the equipment and stuff. Barney, Kate, Rilla and Karen stayed the night in the Con Hotel.

OCTOBER 10: We got up early to see Dave Clement do Stan Rogers music. He used Karen's 12 string guitar in that concert.

We wandered around visited and such till the afternoon, then we packed Karen's Trooper and headed home.

Songs on Video Tape of Saturday Evning Windbourne Circle

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