ConChord 5

Battle For The Planet Of The Filkers

October 6-8, 1989
Quality Hotel at LAX

GOH: Bill Roper and Carol Poore
Toastmistress: Cathy Cook MacDonald
Chair: Paul Willett
Memberships $20 untill 7/5/89
$25 untill 9/30/89
$30 at the door
148 Members

Supporting memberships were $8. One day memberships were $10 for Friday, $15 for Saturday, $10 for saturday night, and $10 for Sunday. Childrens memberships were half the normal price of an normal attending membership.

The committee included Eric Gerds, Gary Anderson, Janet Anderson, Rick Wiess, Deborah Leonard, Chris Weber, Karen Willson, Tera Mitchel, Liz Martin, Jeff Rebholz, Jim & Sue Fox-Davis.

This filk Conventin had a unreal programming track. With panels in odd rooms at odd times. Not to mention some unique panelist.


The convenion opened officially at 5:00pm. This inculded registration, dealers, open filking room, and the Tuu-Ning room for past filk videos.

At 6:12:18 on the unreal track was the "PUN-ishment, Or Rhythm & Blues" in 9/7 time panel.

At 7:00 pm was the "If I hear That One More Time" singalong session. The other two rooms were open for open filking. One for Bardic the other Demighod/Midwesten style.

At 11:59:59 was the "Great Burgers IN History: A Multimedia Snack Presentation" in one of the unreal rooms.


The con opens at 10:00am. There was a panel in Century III called "Filkzine Editor Wars: The Battle For Your Songs".

The first unreal panel for the day was at 10:05:77. The panel was titled, "I Was A Third Level Shortstop or Fantasy Role Playing Professional Sports"

The Totaly Tacky & Tasteless Review was 1pm on Saturday. Sound was provided by Thor Productions, as well as lighting. It began with Chris Thorson playing the National Anthem Jimmy Hendrix style. Next was Milly Lilly Tilly and the Tacheons performing Somebody's Moggy Now. Then Peter Thiesen, Rick Weiss, (in a tutu), and -------- did Fly on a Plane. It was followed by Dr. Jane Robinson with Sitting Here Picking my Nose and Thinking of You. Jordin Kare did (Title?) (Bloody Book @ Suncon), and Sandra Kleinschmitt came on stage dressed as a flea and performed Fido. Steve Savitzky sang Thrill Seekers Waltz while a TV showed the rocket failure segment from The Right Stuff. Maura Brenner did The FCC Disclaimer Song and Funicull, Funicula. Mrs Pearly White and Cindy McQuillin performed Every Time I Think of You. TJ and Mitchell Burnside-Clapp did Chernobyl Blues and Kathy Mar did Dear Departed. The last act was Woof the Party Animal dancing around the room with a boom box.

The First Annual Kazoo Awards were presented after the TT&TR. The idea came from Tera Mitchell and was inplemented by John and Mare Creasey. The specialy decorated plastic kazoos were presented to each winner by Jordin Kare and Dr. Jane Robinson. The Osemaster was won by Gary Anderson and Bill Rover. (Tie). The Sweetmaster was won by Cathy Cook-McDonald. Chris Weber and Karen Wilson won the Duet Kazoo. Schtick was won by Dr. Jane Robinson, Parody by Jane Mailander. Bill and Carol Poore-Roper won the Mr GOH and Mrs. GOH kazoos. The Liberace Memorial Award went to Peter Thesen, the Computer Song kazoo was won by Kathy Mar, and the Silent kazoo went to Rick Weiss. Mara Brener got the X-Rated kazoo award. There were two Special Awards one for Paul Willett the other to Tera Mitchell.

At 2:00 pm was a GOH Event in the Century IV.

At 4:00 pm were the One Shots.

Another unreal panel was at 6:83:15. The theme was "Death in Song, Or A Grand Old Tradition.

The First All Star Concert.

In the wee hours of the morning were two unreal panels. At 4:15:18 it was "The Bill Roper Snore Alike Contest" and at 4:25:37 was the "Plumbing 101:The Boston Backwetter" panel.


All things open at 10:00 am as usual. There was a panel called "OVFF/Consonance/ConCerto" in Century III.

At 11:00 am was a "What is Your Favorite Filk Tape & Why?" panel.

The last unreal panel was at 11:19:42. "The Fabric Of Space & Time, Or Paisley Through The Ages"

At 1:00 was the second One Shot Concert, followed by The All-Star Concert at 2:00 pm.

Open filking till 9pm or so.

From the Windbourne History Timeline

NOTE NOTE NOTE: Section of Timeline lost between September 29th and October 23rd due to hard drive crash and a back up that did not restore fully.

**OCTOBER 7-8: Windbourne attends ConChord 5. Songs performed were: Safe Harbor, Star Fire, Unicorn, Asteroid Named Rest Stop, Sea Queen, and Night Magic.

Windbourne provided sound for themselves and LA Filkharmonics.

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