ConChord 15

Van Nuys Airtel Plaza Hotel
August 10-12, 2001
Guests of Honor: Broceliande
Interfilk Guests: Maureen O'Brien
Toastmistresses: Windbourne
Special Guests: Steve Macdonald
Memberships were $30 until March 4, 2001 $35 till July 31, 2001
At the door price was $40, daily rates were available

The Con Committe

Chair: Nick Smith
Other Membes of ConCom: John & Mary Creasey, Lee & Barry Gold
Con Suite: Deborah Lee
Website: Blars Larson
Song Book Editor: Lee Gold
Song Book Art: David Okamura
Sound Engineering: Gerry Tyra


This convention had the Board Room open as a Lyrics Lounge. A place where people could go to write songs should their muse be so inclined.

There was a good amount of coverage of this convention on the newsgroup following the convention. ConChord 15 Threads


7:00pm Reception in the Mulholland Room. Meet, greet, and chat. Snacks and drinks provided by the hotel. And some samples were played from new filk releases.

The Lindbergh and Earhart rooms are open for open filking.

9:00pm Gaming song circle hosted by Maureen O'Brien in the Lindbergh Room.

10:00pm Broceliande Circle in the Lindbergh Room

11:00pm Windbourne Circle in the Lindbergh Room

12:00pm Bawdy Song Circle in the Lindbergh Room


10:00am Dealers and such open their doors.

11:00am Steve Macdonald & Maureen O'Brien run a Guitar worshop in the Lindbergh Room.

12:00pm Karen Rodgers hosted a Choosing An Instrument Workshop in the Lindbergh Room.

1:00pm The Worldream Project Rehearsal of Many Hearts, One Voice.

2:00pm The Totally Tasteless & Tacky Revue hosted by David Okamura and HAL

3:30pm One Shots.

4:30pm Recording of Many Hearts, One Voice for Steve Macdonald's Worldream project.

5:00pm Jordan Mann & Blake Hodgetts in Concert

8:00pm Eveing Concert Series (With Interfilk auctions between the acts.)

Open filking begins as after the concerts.


10:00am or so the Dealer's Room opens

11:00am Members of Broceliande host a Harmony Workshop in the Lindbergh Room

12:00 Concerts and Award Ceremonies

The Kazoo Awards go to:

Jan Kelson won the Instafilk Contest with her song, -------

Open filking and Dead Dog.

From the Windbourne History Timeline

AUGUST 10: The First Day of ConChord 15 at the Van Nuys Airtel Plaza Hotel. Barney packs, picks up medication for Rilla and Khamber then rendezvous with Rilla to help her with errands, packing and the like. Rilla had recently cracked her ankle so needed the extra help. We do stuff then dorp off her van at Phillip's work, and transfer stuff to Karen's Trooper. (Karen meet us there at Phil's work). We do more errands, then head north to the con. We get there 10 minutes before Rilla and Karen's Circle. (11pm at night). While they went and hosted the circle, Barney and Khamber unloaded the Trooper and the Truck.

AUGUST 11: Rilla and Karen play Toastmistresses, Barney helped a little with Gerry's Sound, but spent most of the Day manning Gerry's video cameras. Barney worked the one stage left and Callie did the one on Stage Right. Barney sometimes would help with stage setup also.

In the evening concert Windbourne was first to go on and sang: Sidewinder Road, Coyote Special, Song of Wyoming, Calling All the Children, Three Quarter Time, Acts of Creation, Forty Five years, I-15, The Other Shore (Part), Santa Monica Pier, and Across the Hills of Home.

AUGUST 12: Rilla and Karen do more Toastmistressing, and Barney Runs all three cameras today. At the end of the concerts Barney helps some with tear down, then says goodbye to people and heads home. Rilla, Karen and Khamber stay an extra night, and sing at the Dead Dog Filk.

AUGUST 13: Rilla Karen and Khamber pack and head home. They encounter bad LA traffic on every freeway the use, and it takes 'em a long time to get home. They did a lot of the journey on Pacific Coast Highway.

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