ConChord 11

September 29 - October 1, 1995
Van Nuys Airtel Plaza
Van Nuys, California

GOH: The Duras Sisters
Music Guests: Windbourne
Toastmasters: Chris Weber & Karen Willson
Chair: Rick Weiss
Memberships: $30 till 9/5/1995 $35 thereafter.

The ConChord Committe

Sound provided by Windbourne

Recording done by Zen Nine Productions

Friday Night

On Stage in the Concorde Room

Circle Focus in the Limbergh Room

Thre was a Arts & Crafts: Paper Bead Rolling event in the Parnets and Kids Room, aka The Earhart Room.


The Dealers Room and Con Suite opened at 10:00.

On Stage in the Concorde Room

Cricle Focus in the Lindbergh Room

The Parents and Kids room had a Arts & Crafts Workshop: Funny Hats at 10:30am, Paper Airplanes at 1:00pm, Windbourne did a Kid's Song Circle at 3:00pm and at 4:30 there was a Arts & Crafts Workshop: Decorated Masks.


The ConSuite onens at 11am and the dealers at 11:30am.

On Stage in the Concorde Room

Circle Focus in the Lindbergh Room

The Parents & Kids Room has a Fully Hats workshop at 10:30am, Children Song Circle with Chris Weber and Karen Willson at Noon and a Bead Jewelry Making workshop at 2pm.

From the Windbourne History Timeline

SEPTEMBER 29: Karen stops by Music Power on her way home from school. They do not have the 12 channel board, but rent us a 24 channel for the same price as the 12 channel board. Only that the weekend rate was $48 instead of $35.

Phillip got off work early so he could get equipment at Daron's, load Rilla's Suburban, and to get supplies. Kate went in early, Barney got off early, Kathy got off at her normal time, but came straight to Safe Harbor.

Here at Safe Harbor, Barney & Harold Loaded Harold's Suburban, while Kate went to get Karen. When we were all loaded and ready to go, Harold's Suburban would not start. Phillip worked on his Battery, then it started, so we headed on our way. The trip took 5 hours because of a major traffic jam, Stopping to hook the other wire to Harold's battery so his lights would work, eating at Jack in the Box, etc....

When we got to the Airtel Plaza Hotel, we unloaded our suburban assault vehicles, with the help of the hotel staff and Tom Hubbard. We put the sound equipment in the dealer's room, our stuff in our suite. Rilla, Phillip and family stayed in a normal room, while everyone else stayed in the suite provided by the con.

As we drove to the con two things happened after we left Jack in the Box. One was watching the Border Patrol Officer do a double take when our two red suburbans with similar Windbourne license plates, passed through the check point. The other was Barney thinking he had not seen a power cord to the board when he loaded it into the vehicle. (We indeed did not have any power cord.)

This convention is Con-Chord 11. The Guests of Honor is The Duras Sisters. The Music Guests of Honor is Windbourne. The convention is at the Airtel Plaza Hotel in Van Nuys California.

SEPTEMBER 30: In the morning Barney and Phillip set up the sound system while Kate called Power Music Rentals to find out what type of power supply we needed. Harold went looking for one at a local Radio Shack. The Radio Shack did not have one, but Harold found one at an electronics store at the opposite end of the shopping center. He found one that was close to what we needed, bought it and got back to the Hotel 15 minutes before showtime. Luckily it worked just fine.

We ran sound for the Instant-Band Introductions, The Totally Tasteless and Tacky Revue, and Larry Warner. We did not have to run sound till the evening so the sound crew did other things like visiting the dealer's room etc..

At 3:00pm the band did a children's circle in the Kid's Room. We performed, Baby Beluga, Lady Bug, Let's Save the Animals, Don't Push That Button, Elevean Leaves, Enchantment, Baby Vampire Boogie, and Madeline Brenner lead the band in Cat in the Cradle, then we did another song, then ended it with The Hug Song.

Around 6pm the sound crew and recording crew started to set up for the evening concert. It took a lot of time to set up for a percussion band called Gaia's Heart. Then we had to do a quick set up for Windbourne. For every microphone that we set up, the recording engineer also had to set up one. The stage became a forests of microphones!

The first act was Chris Weber and Karen Wilson and friends. They did a wonderful set of music. The next group on stage was Gaia's Heart. It took a little time to get them up on stage and set to go. They put on quite a show, very energetic. Several people got up and danced to some of their material.

Windbourne was next. It also took time to get Gaia's Heart off stage and us on stage. There was an interfilk auction going on while the changeover was going on. We started our set with Kathy leading Never Again/Remember. After that the band did Hot Frogs, Rituals, Welcome Home, Victim/Volunteer, Ka Uluwell O Ke Kai, Singing the Spirit Home, and with the LA Filkharmonics coming up on stage to join us in a 11 member Choir called The Windharminics, A Place in the Choir.

Windbourne then got off the stage, and LA Filkharmonics did their performance. They were followed by The Durus Sisters. The Durus Sisters finished off the evening concert schedule, so the room went into the normal filk circle. Windbourne stayed and joined the circle for a while.

OCTOBER 1: The sound crew got up and set up for the One-Shot concert. Later there was the Insta-Band performance. Rilla and Harold were part of two different Insta-Bands. Harold's Band did well, Rilla's not quite as well.

After the Insta-Bands there was no more need for sound, so the sound crew tore down the sound system. Windbourne was part of the Harmony Circle that was going on in the same room, along with the Durus Sisters.

Later we loaded up the two Suburbans with all of our gear. We then were treated to dinner at the hotel's Pilot's Lounge Restaurant by the Con Committee. After the meal we piled into our transports and headed home.

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