ConChord 8

October 2-4, 1992
Holiday Inn - LAX
Los Angeles, California

GOH: Tom Smith
Toastmaster: Joe Bethancourt
Chair: Nick Smith, Rick & Deborah Weiss
Memberships: $30 till 9/8/1992 Higher at the Door
Supporting $10


The convention songbook is Con Chords and Choruses. Edited by Lee Gold and printed by Berry Gold.

Preregistered as of the program book pressing.


7:00pm Premier Party for the Following Tapes.

Rest of eveing is Open Filking.


Registration & Dealer's Room open between 10 & 11am.

11:00am Beginning Filk Guitar Workshop hosted by Kristoph Klover.

12:00pm Karoke & Filk Circle hosted by Dean Thomas.

1:00pm Beginning Vocal Technique hosted by Joanna Cazden.
In another room was the Interfilk Auction.

At 2pm was the afternoon concert series. Performers were:

The concert was followed by the One Shots, then all rooms close for two hour Dinner Break. Registration was open for 30 minutes before the concert.

The evening concert included:

After the concert, in another room was Lee Gold's 50th Birthday Sing. (Hobbit Style) And open filking continued till wee hours of the morning.

11:00am Kids 'n' Folk Music" Workshop hosted by Joe Bethancourt.

12:00pm Medieval Music Workshop hosted by Margaret Davis.

1:00pm The Totally Tastless & Tacky Revue followed by the Kazoo Awards.

The Totally Tasteless & Tacky Revue
Hosted by Basil St. John Volesmirth VII

The Kazoo Awards

4:00pm Open filking and dead dog.

From the Windbourne History Time Line

OCTOBER 3: Windbourne goes to ConChord. The Day starts with Phil, Barney, and Kate hauling the sound system to LA. When we get there, we register, unload and set up for sound in the main concert room. When we got going, Barney checks into the room and hauls up the luggage etc... When he got back to the board, Phil left to go to the room to do work on his computer.

The rest of the gang arrived during the dinner break, so we helped them unload their stuff. In the room people ate, showered, and put on make-up.

Windbourne started off the late-starting concert. we performed: Crimson and Crystal, Silly Slang Song, Heart of the Home, Don't Push That Button, and Dreamer. We also assisted in one of the LA Filkharmonics songs, by holding up point sings (like judges of a gymnastic tournament).

Barney continued to run sound the rest of the concert. The musicians wandered around a bit, visited friends, filked some. When the concert ended, Barney shut down and covered the equipment, then wandered himself.

Sometime later we loaded Harold's Suburban with luggage, guitars etc... Then Harold, Kathy, and Karen headed home. Those who were left went onto bed.

OCTOBER 4: We wake up, eat breakfast, pack, and check out of the room. Phillip and Barney help set up sound for the Totally Tasteless Revue, then wander till we were needed. Rilla and Kate also wandered around visiting etc...

After the Tasteless concert we watched the kazoo awards, then loaded the vehicles, picked through the con suite, got hugs, said our goodbys, then headed home.

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